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March 1, 2001
WEG Enhances Line of Electric Motors WEG Electric Motors Corp has improved its TOP Premium Efficiency line of motors so all ratings now meet efficiency

WEG Enhances Line of Electric Motors

WEG Electric Motors Corp has improved its TOP Premium Efficiency line of motors so all ratings now meet efficiency levels set by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and its members. These new efficiencies also meet initiatives of The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and its NEMA Premium product marketing campaign. These motors are built according to NEMA specifications and are designed for operation in moist or dusty conditions without affecting their useful life. They are tested according to IEEE 112 standard, method B, and their efficiency values are certified by CSA C390 and NEMA MG1. 2.53, both A and B standards. For additional information, contact WEG, PO Box 22790, Rochester NY 14692.
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Federal Hose Conveys Hot Tar, Asphalt

Federal Hose Manufacturing Inc offers a tar and asphalt hose built specifically to convey hot tar and asphalt on patching units, tankers, and from container to container. It has good flexibility and is made from hot-dip galvanized steel with durable packing to prevent leakage. The one-piece, cast-aluminum body fitting is available in 3" ID in both male and female design. Temperature range of the hose runs as high as 450° F.

For full information, contact Federal Hose, PO Box 1400, Painesville OH 44077.
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Activated Clay System Treats Wastewater

For treating hydrocarbons and other organic contaminants in wastewater, Highland Tank recommends its Activated Clay for primary filtration, followed by activated carbon for final polishing. Activated carbon adsorbs contaminants through surface porosity. While this mechanism is suitable for removal of low-molecular-weight organics such as BTEX, the pore structure of carbon becomes obstructed when exposed to high-molecular-weight organics such as oil and grease.

Because Activated Clay adsorbs contaminants through a platelet partitioning mechanism, it is not subject to pore binding. The product adsorbs up to 70% of its weight in heavy organics. Activated Clay not only extends the life of activated carbon, but it also enables carbon to do what it does best: remove the more soluble compounds and remaining trace contaminants.

For more details, contact Highland Tank, One Highland Rd, Stoystown PA 15563.
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Check Valve Offers Faster Unload Times

Sure Seal Inc's Generation 2 check valve is designed with the transportation industry in mind. This valve flows nearly 400 cfm more than other valves, and is nearly half the weight, meaning faster unload times. The valve features a removable lid that removes lid and poppet as one assembly, simplifying inspection and maintenance. Another feature of the Generation 2 is that the spring is external to the airflow and the poppet is larger than the exit port, meaning no parts can travel down the line and contaminate product. For more information, contact Sure Seal, Route 2, Box 2242, Mineral Point MO 63660.
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Enmet Toxic Gas Detector Fits in Pocket

Enmet Corp's TX-2000 Series toxic gas detectors are pocket-size, intrinsically safe personal units capable of continuously monitoring toxic gases or oxygen in hazardous locations. Instruments are supplied with an electrochemical sensor and have a digital display, audio/visual alarms, and two alarm points. These lightweight instruments are effective warning devices for staff working in areas that can contain toxic gases. Other features include pushbutton calibration, battery status display, and auto test when turned on. Detectors, which use three AAA batteries, are available for monitoring gases including chlorine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and oxygen. Similar models are available for combustible gases and carbon dioxide.

For more information contact Enmet, PO Box 979, Ann Arbor MI 48106.
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Western Star Adds Three OEM Components

Western Star Trucks, a subsidiary of Freightliner LLC, has announced three new components that will be available as original equipment.

The truck maker has introduced a proprietary air suspension seat and a wide-base tire for on-highway heavy-duty trucks and said it will unveil a proprietary integrated front air suspension and steer axle system for its heavy-duty trucks at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March 2001.

The EzyRider seat will be standard in all Western Star Constellation sleeper model trucks.

Developed by Michelin, the X-One radial takes the place of conventional dual truck tires and offers weight savings, fuel economy, and long tread life.

The AirLiner front suspension system, rated at 12,000 pounds, provides comfort, stability, and weight savings, Western Star said.

Both the new tire and suspension will also be available in Sterling- and Freightliner-brand trucks.

Pennzoil Gear Oils Join Long-Life Family

Pennzoil has added heavy-duty gear oils to its Long-Life line of fleet products. Two of the company's gear oils are now known as Pennzoil Long-Life heavy-duty gear oil SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-140. Long-Life gear oils are formulated for use in universal-duty hypoid or spiral-bevel gear differentials for axles in heavy-duty truck, agricultural, and construction equipment. They also may be used in heavy-duty truck and bus manual transmissions that require API MT-1 lubricants.

Pennzoil's SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-140 also meet API GL-5 standards that include wear protection. For more information, contact Pennzoil, PO Box 2967, Houston TX 77252-2967.
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RMF Processes 15-700 GPM

The Roll Media Filter (RMF), supplied by Turnkey Solutions Inc, is a continuous solids filter that can process 15 to 700 gpm. It uses disposable filter media which is available in 250-yard rolls. A patented design provides for effective particle cake buildup. The RMF works well with wastewater or lubricant streams with high solids loadings. Turnkey engineers can assist with custom applications.

For full details, contact Turnkey, 45 Whitney Rd, Mahwah NJ 07430-3170.
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Transmission Offerings Change at Peterbilt

Peterbilt has made several changes in its transmission offerings to advance the durability and performance of its product lineup further. Eaton Fuller's new FR Series 10-speed transmissions will replace the RT Series 10-speeds on Peterbilt trucks. In addition, the new Eaton Fuller AutoShift Generation 119 Series transmissions are now available. Eaton Fuller 11-speed RTO16909ALL transmissions also are now available on all Peterbilt on-off highway vocational units.

Suncoast Debuts Omega-1

Suncoast Chemicals Inc has introduced the Omega-1 system, a new concept in closed-loop acrylate cleaning/vapor scrubbing systems for transports. This system contains reservoir tanks, scrubber, pumps, and a new, efficient spinner. No steam is required for cleaning. The Omega-1 is explosionproof and controls acrylate odor problems.

For full details, contact Suncoast, PO Box 1714, Dickinson TX 77539.
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Continental Steer Tire Built for Regional Duty

Continental General Tire's Commercial Division introduces the Continental HSR steer tire for regional service. A special tread design with a depth of 23/32" provides long wear and stability, and the shoulder design provides durability in severe regional environments. Pyramidal stone ejectors reduce stone retention, and a 16-ply casing delivers superior retreadibility.

The HSR is designed with a cut- and chip-resistant compound that offers reduced rolling resistance. This tire is available in sizes 11R22.5, 11R24.5, and 285/75R24.5; 275/80R22.5 is coming soon. For more details, contact Continental, 1800 Continental Blvd, Charlotte NC 28273.
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TOMCO Quick Couplers Excel Under Pressure

TOMCO Products Inc introduces its Series A5100 quick couplers, designed to provide extra assembly forces required to make or break a hydraulic connection against trapped or active pressures.

Hammer wings on the cast-steel coupler sleeve transmit the required assembly force, and wrench flats are provided on the plug and coupler for final tightening. A hex nut coupler also is provided for assembly in tight spaces.

A5100 couplers are available for standard hydraulic hose diameters from 3/4" to 1¼" and working pressures from 2,750 to 3,000 psi, depending on size. Couplers are rated for working temperatures from -40° to 225° F.

For full details, contact TOMCO, 882 Callendar Rd, Painesville, Township, OH 44077.
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Warning Safety Mirror Boosts Field of Vision

EMED Co Inc's new Warning Safety Mirror improves visibility and safety by providing a 360° full dome view of large areas from several different angles. The mirror also features an 8"-high, black and yellow “Caution” warning panel that can be seen from all directions, alerting others to use caution in high-traffic areas.

Suspended from the ceiling, this 36" mirror provides workers with a maximum viewing area of up to 500 square feet. The highly visible warning panel prevents the mirror from blending into its surroundings. Suitable for use in plants, warehouses, and office buildings, the mirror is constructed from shatter-resistant, reflective acrylic. A mounting chain is included. For pricing and a free catalog, contact EMED, PO Box 369-FG, Buffalo NY 14240.
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Cummins Provides N14 Engine Overhaul Kit

A Genuine N14 overhaul kit with ReCon heads is available for Cummins Engine Co's 1991-94 N14 engines. This kit contains six TriTech Plus cylinder kits, an upper-engine gasket set, 12 rod bearings, a main bearing set, oil pan gasket, and three Genuine ReCon heads. Offered as standard with the overhaul kit is the Genuine Cummins Parts warranty. This warranty covers N14 overhaul components for up to three years or 300,000 miles and provides support from a service network.

For full information, contact Cummins, Box 3005, Columbus IN 47202-3005.
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Next Generation Wheel Helps Boost Payloads

Alcoa Wheel Products International's Next Generation hub-piloted wheel replaces the New Generation version, offering more payload potential to weight-sensitive fleets and owner-operators. Next Generation wheels can boost payload potential by up to 630 pounds over steel hub-piloted wheels and up to 724 pounds over steel ball seat wheels. The wheel has a 7,300-lb load rating.

Wheel sizes are 22 × 8.25 (PN 883620) and 24 × 8.25 (PN 983620), and weigh 47 and 55 pounds, respectively. All wheels are 10-hole hub-piloted mounting with a 285-mm bolt circle.

For more information, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.
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STA-RAT Eases Tandem Slide Release Task

STA-RAT (Semi Tandem Axle Release Assist Tool) eliminates the difficulties of releasing tandem slide axle locking pins so a slide can be achieved. When applied to the tandem release handle, this patented product exerts a constant pulling force. As the driver moves the truck to release the binding on the pins, he can watch through the rear view mirror as STA-RAT pulls them free of the rails. Once released, STA-RAT will hold pins retracted while the trailer is repositioned on the tandems. The tool then is removed with a twist of the handle and reloads for the next tandem slide.

STA-RAT's foot rotates to accommodate most release mechanisms and will work on trailers with vertical or horizontal release handles. Formed with a hook, the foot also can be used to pull the fifthwheel release handle. When loaded, STA-RAT measures 23.5" long. For more details, contact STA-RAT Corp, 9356 Abraham Way, Santee CA 92071.
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