2001 Exhibitors ILTA Trade Show

May 1, 2001
Booth Company 1313 AARIG Terminal Systems, Inc. Loading arms, vapor recovery systems 1215 ABB Automation Inc. Flow control, terminal automation 1012 ABB
Booth Company 1313 AARIG Terminal Systems, Inc. Loading arms, vapor recovery systems 1215 ABB Automation Inc. Flow control, terminal automation 1012 ABB Industri AS Turn-key terminal management systems 1317 Accord International Inc. Hose assemblies & systems 1013 Adalet Manufacturer of enclosure systems & cable accessories 809 Adaptive Controls, Inc. 811 Tank liquid level controls & gauges 813 Additive Systems, Inc. 815 Additive injection equipment 507 AC2 - Advanced Computer Concepts Terminal automation software 1006 Allentech Tank construction & repair, floating roof & geodesic dome installation 103 Allied Energy Corporation Petroleum reclamation 200 American Heating Company Heating equipment, pumping systems 127 American Tank & Vessel, Inc. Tank manufacturing 1305 Anderson Greenwood Varec 1307 Vapor control, vapor control systems 505 Apollo International Corp. Composite hose, couplings, joints 1111 ARTA Armaturen & Tank GMBH Manufacturer of steel armatures, spill prevention systems and loading arms 1316 Associated Insulation Products, Inc. Lead abatement, corrosion coatings, tank insulation panels 1210 Auma Actuators Valve actuators 1303 Eco-Tank Systems Leak detection, secondary containment 121 Edwards Engineering, Corp. Gasoline vapor recovery systems 405 Emco Wheaton DTM, Inc. 407 Loading arms, API valves & fittings, vapor 409 recovery equipment Emco Wheaton Fleet Fueling Corp. Fueling systems manufacturing 1117 EMS.Sarasota 1119 Tank gauging, spill & leak detection alarms, inventory management, and temperature systems 132 Enardo Manufacturing Co. 134 Vents, tank vent equipment, flame arrestors 112 Endress+Hauser Systems & Gauging Division 114 Tank gauging & vapor control 116 217 Enraf, Inc. 219 Tank level gauges 221 506 EnviroCon Systems, Inc. Containment & Geomembranes 1008 Environmental Protection Systems Floating roof seals and components, tank equipment 122 Faure Herman Meter, Inc. Turbine flowmeters 1016 Fisher-ACE (Appalachian Controls Environmental) Gas blanketing & relining systems 106 Fisher Tank Company Tank erection 1302 Fluxo Integrated Solutions 608 FMC Blending & Transfer 610 Terminal automation, additive injection, in-blending & batching 612 FMC Chiksan Loading Systems 614 Marine, truck, and rail car loading arm systems 604 FMC Measurement Solutions 606 Flow measurement, control equipment 1116 Fort Vale Inc. Loading arms, vapor recovery 1208 Frontline Technologies Automation and control systems, control panels, emergency response 1216 FuelQuest e-Commerce service for the petroleum industry 1113 Garner Environmental Services Spill response, soil remediation, vacuum truck, tank cleaning 1024 Gas Equipment Co., Inc. Pumps, compressors, flowmeters loading racks/arms, valves 601 Gauging Systems, Inc. 603 Tank gauges 605 222 General Valve Company 224 Valves, valve actuators 228 Girard Industries Pigs, pigging equipment 411 Green Manufacturing, Inc. 413 Loading racks, platforms, access equipment 1310 Greentree Consulting, Inc. Environmental and regulatory services 700 Groth Corporation Tank vents, flame arrestors 1023 Hagen Engineering International Engineering consulting/services 136 Hammonds Technical Services Additive injection, fluid sampling 128 Heatec, Inc. Heating Systems 615 Hermetic, Inc. Gauging and sampling equipment Booth Company 810 HMT, Inc./HMT Inspection 812 Tank erection, inspection/engineering 814 services, tank maintenance/repair 1212 Horiba Instruments Inc. Instrumentation, emissions analysis, and product testing 408 Hose Master, Inc. 410 Hoses and hose assemblies 705 S.T. Hudson Engineers Engineering services, claims, dock design 1011 Indumar Products Pipe repair/products 710 Industrial Environmental Coatings 712 Coatings and linings 1005 Innovative Sensor Solutions, Ltd. Tank accessories/equipment 210 Insultherm Inc. 212 Tank insulation systems 1308 Ionics Agar Environmental Environmental protection, process control systems, analysis of water & wastewater, oil/water detection equipment 227 Jensen Mixers International, Inc. 229 Tank mixers & blenders 101 Jordan Technologies, Inc. Vapor recovery equipment service, parts & labor 1211 K2M-Mobile Treatment Services Mobile wastewater treatment, tank degassing 1120 Kar Engineering 504 Kenny Industrial Services Painting, tank linings, lead abatement 808 Krohne Inc. Level instrumentation 123 L&J Technologies 125 Tank gauging 602 LANSCO (A Division of Hydrochem Industrial Services) Tank cleaning 1110 Leistritz Corporation Screw pumps 1221 Linco-Electromatic, Inc. Measurement 1318 Liquid Controls, LLC Liquid measurement and control equipment 124 Liquip Sales Pty. Limited 126 Loading arms 402 Lubrizol Performance Systems 404 Additive injectors, flow metering equipment 1015 Ed Martin & Associates, Inc. Gauging equipment & supplies 108 Mass Technology Corp. Leak detection 1115 Matcor, Inc. Cathodic Protection 117 Matrix Service, Inc. 119 New tank construction, primary/secondary seals, tank repairs, secondary containment 226 Mesa Rubber Co. Floating roof drains & seals 609 MFE Enterprises, Inc. Corrosion detection, tank inspection 1319 Mid-Atlantic Tank Inspection Service Tank inspection, leak detection and repair. 508 Midland Manufacturing Corp. Gauges, alarms, valves 806 MMC International Corp. Alarm systems, couplings, valves 113 John C. Morris Associates, Inc. Consulting engineers 1020 Munters Moisture Control Services Dry air, dehumidifiers 1209 Mycelx Technologies Environmental & wastewater products, solvents 1321 Octal Systems Inc. 105 Oilco USA/Oil Liquid Handling Sys. 107 Swivel joints, loading/unloading assemblies 510 OPW Engineered Systems 512 Loading arms, swivel joints, API couplers, vapor recovery, sight flow indicators 611 Orbit Valve Company Valves 805-807 Panametrics Process control instrumentation, analyzers, flowmeters 1301 Pasadena Tank Corporation Tank fabrication and erection 1214 Payne Services Inspection services, computer/environmental professionals, training services, industry safety 1108 PCA Engineering, Inc. Inspectors, cathodic protection, design, engineering, construction and material supply 714 Petrex, Inc. Floating roofs 1217 Petroleum Analyzer Co. Petroleum testing equipment, lab & process applications 1223 Phoenix Engineering, Inc. Facility/Environmental engineering, vapor control/recovery engineering, equipment field services, instrumentation/control engineering 1112 Pittsburg Tank & Tower Co., Inc. Tank inspection/repair 711 Plenty Products 713 Pumps, mixers, strainers 1311 PolySpec Coatings, linings, flooring and polymer products 1219 PPG Industries, Inc. Coatings and linings 310 Protectoseal Co., The Additve/dye blending systems 1018 Protherm Services Group, LLC Asbestos/lead abatement, painting, insulation 1202 Racor (A division of Parker Hannifin Corp.) Gas and fuel filters, water separators 1204 J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services Secondary containment; tank lifting 1218 Rocky Mountain Fabrication Tank design, fabrication and erection 328 Rotork Controls, Inc. 330 Valve actuators and controls, control software 412 Saab Tank Control 414 Radar level gauges 1007 Safe Harbor Access Systems, LLC 1009 Loading racks, platforms, gangways for tank car/truck access 503 Sandborn Roofs Inc. Internal floating roofs 502 Saybolt Inc. Inspection, tank calibration, laboratory services 701 Scully Signal Company 703 Inventory and overfill control 600 Senior Flexonics, Inc. (Specialized Products Division) Composite/metallic hoses and bellows/bellows expansion joints 511 Sigma Coatings Coatings and linings 903 Solex Robotics Robotics, tank bottom inspections 204 Sorrento Electronics 206 Terminal automation products, bulk terminal control, monitoring & management systems 131 Spade Corporation Construction, maintenance, engineering, environmental consulting, emergency response, hazmat recovery/transportation, testing 1107 Tank Industry Consultants Design, maintenance and rehabilitation of storage tank facilities 1106 Technical Response Planning Response management, environmental consulting 233 Temcor Aluminum geodesic domes 1102 TESCO (Technical Equip. Svc. Corp.) Vapor recovery, loading racks, piping, gauging 1003 Texaco - General Engineering Dept. Engineering services 104 Thermacon Industries, Inc. Storage tank insulation 109 Titan Industries, Inc. (Texas) 111 Additive injection, blending, meters 704 Toptech Systems Inc. 706 Terminal Management Software 708 1109 Total Automation Solutions Terminal automation 1309 Total Meter Services, Inc. Terminal Automation 900 Tracer Industries/Raychem HTS Turn-key heating/piping/insulation systems 500 Tracer Research Corporation Leak detection 1017 Trinity Consultants Inc. Environmental consulting 1118 TrueClean Corporation Tank cleaning 1323 TVS Products Valves 1207 UCISCO, Inc. Furnace tube inspection, cleaning, leak detection 1206 UHP Projects, Inc. 1022 Ultra Check, Inc. Tank accessories (gauge pole/well emission control sealing devices) 102 Ultraflote Corporation Floating roofs, geodesic domes 515 Uni-Chem Hose Corporation Composite marine & in-plant hoses 401 United Tank Technology 403 UNIDECK aluminum internal floating roofs 129 U.S. Tank Protectors, Inc. Cathodic protection design, materials, & installation for AST's 802 Valve Concepts, Inc. Valves 1104 Vapor Power Group Inc. Phase heaters, steam generators 1122 Viking Pump Pumps, flow control systems 1220 Vista Research, Inc. Leak detection 1121 Volcanic Heater Thermal liquid heaters 800 W.L. Walker Company, Inc. Static measurement/gauging equipment, thieves, centrifuges, bobs, gauging tapes 1114 Wasser High-Tech Coatings 905 A.R. Watson USA, LLC Tank lifting, tank design & construction 902 Weed Instrument Co. Inc. Gauging, inventory mgmt., spill prevention, system design, temperature measurement 1213 WELTANCO 1312 Westech Industrial Ltd. Flame arrestors 607 W-G Seals, Inc. Floating roof tank seals 709 John Zink Company Vapor control, vapor recovery & combustion systems