Demo-Truck--Eaton Offers Glimpse Into Future Technology

Nov. 1, 1999
Eaton Corporation recently installed two new advanced safety features on its Innovation Truck - the Eaton electronic brake system (EBS) and Dana Spicer

Eaton Corporation recently installed two new advanced safety features on its Innovation Truck - the Eaton electronic brake system (EBS) and Dana Spicer air disc brake system. This truck is a research and demonstration vehicle that offers truck manufacturers, fleet managers, and owner/operators a glimpse into the future of advanced trucking technologies.

Eaton EBS reduces brake response time using an electronic signal from the foot pedal to the brake relay valve. EBS improves brake system integrity and can help to reduce stopping distance. Antilock brakes (ABS) and traction control are still integral components in the system. EBS also helps to maintain proper brake wear balance at each wheel and between the tractor and trailer. It increases foundation brake life and improves brake pedal feel. In addition, EBS and its smart electronics provide the platform for a variety of truck control features including stability systems to prevent roll-over accidents, autonomous cruise control, and brake system diagnostics and prognostics. EBS will improve safety and enhance mobility and productivity, according to Eaton. Eaton is producing EBS for the

European market while testing continues in North America.

The second new product - Dana Spicer's air disc brakes - assists in reducing stopping distance and, like EBS, promotes better overall vehicle stability. Disc brakes, which are becoming the standard in Europe, provide greater stopping power, are not subject to critical water saturation or brake fade, and have the capability for dissipating heat at far better rates than drum designs, according to Eaton. Dana Spicer air disc brakes are scheduled to go into production for North American markets in early 2000 and for international markets later in the year.

While Eaton's reputation has been earned by providing rugged, reliable driveline components, the Innovation Truck extends the company's industry leadership through the integration of intelligent truck systems. The company is committed to lead in offering truck customers new value through novel integration of hardware, software, and data link communications.

As a demonstration vehicle, the Innovation Truck brings together leading edge products from Eaton and advanced products from their marketing partner, Dana Corporation. Products available for sale on the Innovation Truck include Eaton Fuller AutoShift transmission, Dana Spicer tire management system, Eaton VORAD EVT-300 collision warning system with SmartCruise, Eaton FleetAdvisor System, Eaton antilock braking and traction control systems, Eaton Fuller Solo maintenance free clutch, and Eaton new generation rocker switches.

As a research tool, the Innovation Truck captures the voice of the customer on emerging product concepts such as the Eaton truck driver display, Eaton blind spot video system, Eaton lane tracking system, Dana Spicer maintenance reduction brake sensor system, EBS, and Dana Spicer air disc brake system.

Together these products and concepts provide the most advanced systems on any commercial truck in the world, according to Alan R Coloske, Innovation Center Strategic business analyst.

"The Eaton Innovation Truck is like sales literature and technology forecasts coming to life," said Coloske. "The vehicle sends a powerful message to truck manufacturers and fleet managers that Eaton is much more than a trusted Roadranger drivetrain systems provider. Today, we are developing and integrating intelligent systems that will help make each truck and each fleet more productive and profitable as the trucking link becomes integrated into the supply chain. We are proving that technology has a pay-back."

He added that Eaton provides products that increase fuel economy, vehicle uptime, and safety and asset utilization as well as helping to recruit and retain qualified drivers. The Innovation Truck is a valuable tool that helps Eaton understand marketplace needs, explore emerging technologies, develop new concepts, and bring new products to market faster.

It will continually be updated with new innovations and concepts and continue visits to industry stakeholders. For a video and brochure or questions on the Eaton Innovation Truck, contact Alan R Coloske at (248)354-6837 or e-mail [email protected].