Mack Rolls Out Lighter Vision

Aug. 1, 2000
RECOGNIZING the highly weight-sensitive nature of today's trucking industry, Mack Trucks Inc and its key suppliers have engineered a lightweight Vision

RECOGNIZING the highly weight-sensitive nature of today's trucking industry, Mack Trucks Inc and its key suppliers have engineered a lightweight Vision daycab concept vehicle. The new design sheds valuable pounds from almost every component, while still maintaining Mack's reputation for performance, reliability, and durability.

The new Vision tips the scales at a mere 12,246 pounds. It was rolled out at the 2000 International Trucking Show (ITS) June 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"While the costs associated with operating a fleet of trucks or even a single power unit continue to escalate, the industry has asked OEMs to reduce vehicle weights to improve payloads," said Paul L Vikner, Mack executive vice-president of sales and marketing.

"Mack has responded to that request in grand fashion with our new ultra-light concept Vision."

Mack's engineering department built the new model around several key components. Super single tires and liberal use of aluminum for everything from the battery box cover to the flywheel housing are just a few of the weight-saving elements put to use in the new tractor.

"We had bulk haulers and other weight-sensitive operations in mind when we united these specs into one package," Vikner said.

The lightweight Vision also employs the new MaxAir 40A aluminum suspension that was jointly developed by Mack and Hendrickson. Far lighter than com- petitors in the heavy-duty suspension market, the MaxAir 40A provides a weight savings of 112 pounds over its predecessor.

The lightweight Vision's 6x2 configuration delivers 6x4 traction without the added heft of a second drive axle. An air suspension regulator allows the driver to put more weight on the drive tires when traction is a concern. The system works well with Mack's dual horsepower 355/380 E-Tech Maxicruise engine and T2060A six-speed transmission.

Mack also announced that its popular CH model daycab is now one of the cleanest trucks on the road. Mack's Eco-Tech natural gas engine, which slashes emissions below Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for diesel fuel, powers the new Mack CH/LNG (liquid natural gas) tractor.

"Mack has a century-old reputation for delivering innovative products and services to the truck industry," Vikner said. "For the past 10 years, we have played a leadership role in developing natural gas engines. We believe that in this area, as in so many others, our position as an integrated manufacturer has given us a competitive advantage."

The new short-haul distribution highway tractor has a driving range of more than 600 miles due in part to the engine's high compression design. The compact 12-liter power plant will deliver 350 horsepower and as much as 1,250 lb/ft of torque at 1250 rpm. The Mack Eco-Tech E7G-350 engine in the CH/LNG tractor is both CARB- and EPA-certified and compatible with existing fueling stations in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Driver comfort has not been sacrificed in this latest addition to the Mack lineup of vehicles. The environmentally friendly unit still features an ergonomic dash, premium seats, extra leg and belly room, and racing-type 12 o'clock gauges. An extensive vibration control package combines with the quiet Eco-Tech engine to make the Mack CH/LNG a smooth and quiet-running truck.

The Mack CH/LNG is covered by a standard one-year/100,000-mile warranty that includes 100% parts and labor coverage, and free roadside assistance and towing service. The engine itself is covered by a three-year/300,000-mile/ 10,800-hour protection plan.