Michelin Introduces Single

Jan. 1, 2001
Tire for Drive Axles

Michelin's new X-One gives fleets the option of reducing the number of drive tires on a tandem drive tractor from eight to four. The new widebase single tire was introduced at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

The X-One is sized as a 445/50R22.5 that is interchangeable with a pair of low profile 22.5 duals. It is available for drive axles with an XDA tread pattern or for trailers as an XTA. Shifting from two wheels and tires per axle end reduces weight, lowers rolling resistance, and improves fuel economy. Tests have shown a fuel economy improvement of up to 5%. In addition, Michelin says that using the X-One cuts maintenance time by reducing the number of tires that must be mounted, inspected, and rotated.

A pair of X-One tires on a drive axle saves 115 lb per wheel end compared to conventional dual tires. The total weight saving is 460 lb per tandem drive set.

The X-One is manufactured with a stabilizing belt running perpendicular to the radial ply for improved wear and handling. It incorporates full-width steel belts and one radial ply.

The new drive tire is available on original equipment from Freightliner, Sterling, and Western Star as well as for replacement through authorized Michelin dealers. The exclusive agreement with Freightliner, Sterling, and Western Star is scheduled to last 30 months. Trailer versions of the X-One are available through major trailer manufacturers and Michelin dealers.

For more information, visit www.michelintruck.com.

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