ArvinMeritor adds to heavy-duty brake line

May 1, 2004
ARVINMERITOR INC continues to expand its Complete Braking System. The latest enhancements were announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville,

ARVINMERITOR INC continues to expand its Complete Braking System. The latest enhancements were announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The heavy-duty manufacturer has expanded its lineup of foundation brakes. The EX225 Air Disc Brake and the Q Plus High Performance Package were developed to address a variety of stopping performance needs.

“These packages give fleets and vehicle operators two new options based on their specific stopping needs,” said Sergio Carvalho, vice-president and general manager of brakes, suspension systems, trailer products, and ride control. “Whether they're running linehaul, or refuse pick-up, for example, we have a braking solution to fit their requirements while keeping their cost of ownership in mind.”

Specifically designed to optimize stopping performance on tractor-trailer combinations, the package is comprised of 16.5" × 5" front and 16.5" × 7" rear Q Plus brakes. Also included in the package are enhanced friction materials, such as Meritor MA210, higher output air chambers, and a Meritor automatic slack adjuster.

The high performance package provides 30% to 60% more brake torque than conventional cam brakes, which translates into 20% to 25% shorter stopping distances on typical tractor-trailer combinations. The larger front brakes also provide 65% more wearable lining volume than current front brakes, which increases service life. The package is available with optional 16.5" × 8.62" Q Plus wide rear brakes for more demanding applications that require increased fade resistance and longer service life.

“The Q Plus High Performance Package includes many features that set it apart from conventional cam brakes,” Carvalho said. “These features provide our customers with a solution to the anticipated federal stopping regulations changes without a significant increase in acquisition costs.”

The EX225 incorporates innovative technologies to deliver one of the leading air disc brake packages available on the market today. Greater heat dissipation boosts stopping power, fade resistance, and durability. Quick-change pads provide ease of maintenance, reducing downtime and potential service costs. In addition, the EX225 platform provides the maximum wearable lining volume in the industry extending service life.

Providing further options for the fleet and vehicle operator, this platform offers a range of friction-couple (pad and rotor) solutions to meet the differing stopping needs of the marketplace.

  • A high performance friction couple provides optimum stopping performance for vocations subjected to aggressive driving conditions and excessive payload capacities.

  • A city service friction couple provides optimum pad/rotor wear-performance for vocations subjected to higher stops-per-mile at reduced maximum speeds.

  • A linehaul friction couple provides long life for typical on-highway applications comparable with competitive brake shoe offerings.

The Complete Braking System from ArvinMeritor and Meritor WABCO offers the most comprehensive product availability, including truck, tractor and trailer anti-lock braking systems (pneumatic and hydraulic); electronic braking systems; air dryers; air brake control valves; air compressors; air cam brakes (including high-performance drum brakes); air disc brakes; automatic slack adjusters; friction materials; hubs and drums; and stability control systems for straight trucks, tractors, and trailers.