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APAds comes in extended-warranty version

Index Sensors and Controls recently announced that the extended-warranty version of its APAds air-conditioning protection and diagnostic module is available for all heavy-duty vehicle makes. The APAds system automatically lubricates, monitors, and protects A/C systems year-round. When the system detects harmful conditions, such as high or low refrigerant pressure or high or low voltage, it temporarily suspends compressor operation, preventing rapid cycling and premature wear and tear. Technicians can quickly diagnose an A/C system problem by reading APAds' simple LED blink codes.

The extended-warranty version, called the CM-814, is available for all truck makes because all OEMs have adopted two-wire A/C clutches as standard. For more information, contact Index Sensors, 7112 265th St NW, Stanwood WA 98292.

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