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Allison offers DOC For PDA diagnostic tool

Allison Transmission is offering Allison DOC For PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) 1000/2000 Series, a full-feature Palm PDA-based diagnostic software application, supporting control systems for Allison 1000/2000/2400 Series transmissions.

This diagnostic tool enables use of a hand-held PDA to access diagnostic data from the transmission control system and conduct systematic troubleshooting of transmission problems with full diagnostic capability. The system can be used with or without Allison's PC-based diagnostic tool, ATDT Version 1.1 or the product's later-generation Allison DOC For PC Version 2.0 or later.

The tool gives operators a convenient way to gather data from the electronic controls of Allison's 1000/2000 Series transmissions. It gathers data via a Snapshot function. After collection, these Snapshot files can be transferred via Palm HotSync to the user's PC, where they can be e-mailed.

When used with Allison DOC For PC, this DOC For PDA lets users launch, view, or manipulate files using all the features of Allison DOC For PC. Future PDA-based diagnostic software will include additional Allison DOC For PDA tools for CEC2 (Off-Highway) and Allison Electric Drive (AED) transmissions. Contact Allison, PO Box 894, Indianapolis IN 46206-0894 for more details.

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