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Air-Trak, Vertrax team up to serve industry

Air-Trak Inc, a developer of the Cloudberry GPS tracking and communication system, announced that Vertrax has chosen Cloudberry as a foundation for its SmartTrax mobile resource management system for the retail petroleum industry.

Cloudberry is a GPS tracking and communication system that supports both cellular and satellite networks. This guarantees an all-digital wireless network with 100% coverage, while minimizing airtime costs. Due to Cloudberry's open, XML-based Application Program Interface (API), data gathered from the field can be integrated into a back-end system for customized reporting.

By combining SmartTrax with Cloudberry, retail petroleum fleets can monitor each vehicle to reduce the risk of accidents, spills, and fines and comply with Homeland Security requirements. When SmartTrax is deployed with SmartDrops (Vertrax's mapping and routing product), Vertrax reports that customers are achieving delivery efficiencies and increased revenues.

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