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Air-sensing fan drive cools only as needed

Horton Inc's VMaster viscous air-sensing fan drive delivers variable speeds, resulting in economical operation and high engine performance for medium-duty trucks.

VMaster is available for select medium-duty applications. Horton plans to expand the line by spring 2003 and is working with OEMs to develop first-fit applications. This product line is the result of a recent joint venture, Horton Sachs GmbH & Co KG, formed by Horton Holding Inc and ZF Sachs AG.

The lightweight and modular VMaster has a precision bimetal sensor that automatically adjusts fan speed based on the temperature of the air from the engine's heat exchangers. The fan operates at optimum speed, cooling only as needed, which results in less noise and less fuel consumption. For full details, contact Horton, 1170 15th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55414.

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