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Air coil withstands dangers of cold weather

Phillips Industries has developed the new Polar Air cold weather air coil, designed to survive cold weather travel.

“The SAE requires air coils to be made with nylon tubing. Nylon becomes brittle and stiff in cold weather; one wrong move and a nylon coil can shatter like glass,” said Rob Phillips, general manager of the company. “The Phillips' Polar Air is made with a heavy-duty jacketing extruded over nylon tubing to protect against freezing in the winter and UV rays in the summer, both which degrade standard nylon tubing. This high-strength jacketing will protect against shattering, kinking, or fracturing of any type.”

Polar Air has a heavy-duty jacketing that allows it to remain flexible to -85°F and offers unparallel corrosion and abrasion resistance with superior recoil memory. It is also equipped with an extended brass handle that adds increased leverage to the gladhand.

For more information, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

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