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AGE begins blending biodiesel for market

AGE Refining Inc, an independent refinery based in San Antonio TX, will provide its B20 biodiesel fuel, a 20% mixture of biodiesel and 80% diesel fuel that meets EPAct (Energy Policy Act) compliance.

The product will be a blend of two products: sulfur-free, soybean-based and renewable biodiesel, provided by Houston TX-based Gulf Hydrocarbon Inc, and AGE's premium diesel. B20 is competitively priced with current market premium diesel and will meet distributor's increased demand for biodiesel since the Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit recently approved for use of biodiesel. In addition, Texas has reduced its state fuel excise tax from 20 cents/gallon to 16 cents/gallon to encourage use of B20.

AGE's introduction of B20 is the first time in Texas that this environmentally friendly fuel will be available at the refinery rack. Typically, distributors have had to load fleet fuel tanks with 2,500 to 7,500 gallons and transport it to wholesale petroleum distributors (known as jobbers) across the state. Now jobbers can purchase B20 straight from AGE's rack at their San Antonio-based refinery, reducing transportation costs and increasing productivity. B20 will be available from petroleum distributors throughout South Texas, including:

  • Tetco Inc, San Antonio
  • World Fuel Services Inc, Houston
  • Dixie Oil Co, San Antonio
  • Johnson Oil Co, Gonzales
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