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Additional infrastructure called for to improve propane storage capacity

TO IMPROVE propane supply for customers, distributors must invest in additional infrastructure, said Doug Auxier, owner of Auxier Gas and chairman of the National Propane Gas Association. “We need to spend some money,” he added. “We need to build more storage.”

Auxier made the comments at the Midwest Propane Gas Convention and Trade Show April 16-18 in Indianapolis IN.

Auxier told the audience that they can expect propane supply to increase, but to anticipate rising prices as well, which will require companies to continuing operating at top efficiency.

The convention and trade show attracted more than 1,100 attendees for the seminars and the 128 exhibits. Displays included the latest equipment for propane bobtails and transports.

Next year the event will be held May 20-22 at the Indianapolis, Indiana, Convention Center. For information about the annual event, contact Rhonda Turner, executive vice-president, Illinois Propane Gas Association at 217-525-8000 or e-mail to [email protected].

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