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Adaptor Design Permits Higher Flow Rates

EBW has announced its new 880-448 vapor recovery adaptor with a streamlined poppet design for higher flow rates. This 4" adaptor is equipped with a sight glass for a view of loading and unloading, and the drain plug lets overfill situations be remedied. The adaptor's new design also decreases the chance of vapor loss because of compartment back pressure.

The 880-448 is designed to fit any standard 4" flanged vapor outlet on a petroleum tank trailer. Other features include:

  • Multiple compartments can be loaded.

  • Drain plug allows any liquid that accumulates in the vapor line to be drained.

  • Poppeted design decreases the chance of vapors escaping.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum cast housing.

  • TTMA flange for ease of mounting.

  • 3" cam-and-groove for hose connection.

For full details, contact EBW, 2814 McCracken Ave, Muskegon MI 49441.

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