ABS applies varying levels of traction control

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has launched ABS with Smart ATC, an automatic traction control system with the ability to distinguish between, and appropriately respond to, accelerating uphill and driving into a curve. Smart ATC responds with a level of traction control appropriate to each situation, giving more power to the driver when warranted.

The system gives a driver more control in uphill situations, allowing him to accelerate, maintaining more power to ascend the hill, even when the ATC is activated. Smart ATC senses curves in the road through wheel speed sensors. If wheel slip is detected, it will more aggressively modulate braking to control and slow the vehicle.

As with standard ATC, wheel-speed sensors instantly detect a spinning wheel, sending a signal to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to adjust the amount of power to the wheels through engine speed and selective braking.

However, with Smart ATC, if the ECU detects that the vehicle is traveling in a straight line and the driver is trying to accelerate, as if in an uphill situation, the system automatically reduces braking effect, giving more accelerator control back to the driver. The driver can continue to accelerate more to maintain the speed needed to ascend the hill.

Conversely, if a wheel slips while the vehicle is accelerating into a curve, Smart ATC applies the brakes more aggressively, further reducing engine torque. This forces the vehicle to slow to a safe speed as it approaches the curve. For full details, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

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