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Diesel Laptops, ADTC join to fight technician shortage

Diesel Laptops and American Diesel Training Centers (ADTC) recently formed a partnership to address the diesel technician shortage and on-going career development that is essential to improving employee retention.

“ADTC and Diesel Laptops essentially have the same mission, to provide the industry with the workforce, knowledge and technology to most effectively keep the United States moving and growing,” said Timothy Spurlock, president and co-founder of American Diesel Training Centers. “We’re completely aligned in mission and shared values.”

Diagnostic skills and accompanying use of technology are critical in attracting new entrants into the field of diesel repair and maintenance, the companies said. Advancing those skills with more in-depth training and use of the most modern technology and services available ensures that technicians stay current with market-place needs, which effectively services customers and provides a strong ROI for their employers.

All American Diesel Training Center facilities will be outfitted with all relevant Diesel Laptops hardware and software products for integration into the 300-hour ADTC Training Curriculum. That includes diagnostic testing and hardware kits and cross-platform online repair information.

Diesel Laptops and ADTC also will jointly produce and distribute training in other modalities, including live webinars and instructor-led training that will be offered through ADTC’s rapidly growing footprint of shop-based training facilities across the US.

“It is no secret that there is a real shortage of techs coming into the industry,” said JB Ryan, senior vice president of strategic initiatives for Diesel Laptops. “Combining resources with ADTC addresses this problem head-on, while educating them on the most critical parts of diagnostics and troubleshooting.”

Diesel Laptops

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