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Volvo Trucks awards DATE scholarship to Zachary Ramirez

Volvo Trucks in North America named Zachary Ramirez, a student enrolled in WyoTech’s Diesel Advanced Technology Education (DATE) for Volvo Trucks program in Blairsville PA, as the recipient of an $8,700 Volvo Trucks DATE scholarship.

Ramirez, who is originally from Texas, is already seeing the benefits of being enrolled in the DATE program.  “I have gone through several rounds of interviews for a position as a technician with a Volvo Trucks dealer in Texas,” he said.  “I’m very excited about this opportunity, and I feel that being a student in the DATE program is already helping me get my foot in the door.” 

The DATE program’s comprehensive curriculum complements WyoTech’s core Diesel Technology training programs to help prepare graduates for entry-level positions servicing and repairing Volvo trucks. Students enrolled in the program receive specialized training on Volvo engines, electronics, emissions, powertrain, and chassis components. DATE is designed to produce advanced apprentice technicians with a potential for an accelerated path in the VistaTech program.

“We’re proud to help support technician education and recognize the valuable role expert Volvo technicians play in the success of our products and dealer network,” said Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing.

Volvo Trucks’ focus on technician training has also led to a 2013 Excellence in Learning Award from the Brandon Hall Group, which recognized Volvo Trucks Academy for its VistaTech service technician certification program.

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