Bulk Tank Inc's Easy Open Hopper Tee costs less yet delivers much more

It's not every day that a company manages to make a good product even faster, lighter, and more efficient while lowering the cost. But Bulk Tank Inc (BTI), headquartered in Park Hills MO, has done just that with its new Easy Open Hopper Tee.

BTI has added a feature to the Easy Open Hopper Tee that allows for cleaning without completely unlatching the tee assembly from the flange. Fast and simple cleaning of the Easy Open Hopper Tee eliminates the danger of cross-contamination in three simple steps: 1) Insert the cam handle and rotate upward, 2) Remove the cam handle and remove the butterfly valve or install it in the hooked position, 3) Unlatch the tee and swing it completely out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Easy Open Hopper Tee utilizes BTI's patented SiphonFlow technology that incorporates two pressure forces instead of one. As product is pushed out with tank pressure, SiphonFlow technology creates a venturi effect that simultaneously pulls product through, reducing unload time. The New Easy Open Hopper Tee is also easier to install and adjust with two easy adjustment points instead of earlier designs that must be adjusted at four points. The design is approximately 20% lighter than similar tees and has polymer and oil-impregnated bronze brushings in all pivot points for years of trouble-free operation.

BTI unconditionally guarantees this product will outperform any other hopper tee product on the market. For more information, visit www.bulktankinc.com or call 1-800-841-5524 (573-518-0600).

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