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Bio-Clean affiliate chosen for barge cleaning test

Bio-Clean International Inc’s affiliated entity, American Bio-Clean Corporation (ABC), has been selected by Custom Fuel Services, a unit of Ingram Barge Company, to formulate a specific-use, bio-remediation fluid.

The ABC research and development team is testing an exact, 200-gallon bilge water sample with its proprietary, microbe-based cleaning fluids in order to custom-design a formula that works best. The ABC cleaning fluids use oxygen to facilitate the remediation process, all while meeting national and international environmental standards.

John P Finn, vice-president of Bio-Clean International and president of ABC, said, “If our test is successful, which we believe it will be, a new, specific-use formula could provide major cost savings to barge and other marine vessel owners as compared to the present cleaning processes. Ingram Barge Co, which is the nation’s leading carrier on America’s inland waterways, is an ideal candidate for this test.

“A successful test will also mean dramatically increased sales of our cleaning fluids,”said Finn.

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