WABCO offers two-stage air compressor

WABCO has launched a new two-stage air compressor designed to enhance overall air system performance and service life for trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles.

Nikhil Varty, vice-president-WABCO Compression & Braking, said, “By reducing oil degradation and oil carryover into the vehicle's air system, the compressor helps keep air system components, such as valves and air dryer cartridges, in service longer. The new compressor can therefore reduce both the risk of unexpected vehicle downtimes and overall vehicle maintenance costs.”

Development partner DAF is the first truck manufacturer to offer WABCO's new two-stage compressor as standard with the new DAF MX engine.

Other compressor features include a stable mono-block crankcase construction and a steel crankshaft, as well as WABCO's power reduction system that reduces power drainage during the off-load phase. An optional relief valve, integrated into the cylinder head, provides protection against excessive pressure.

Access www.wabco-auto.com for more details.

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