Latest Issue - Dec 14th, 2023
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Houston-based tank truck carrier grows through pandemic, sluggish economy by thinking inside the roll-off box
I like fast cars, pro drivers, this magazine—and you.
HOUSTON, Texas—Now even tank trailers are susceptible to cyberattacks.
Edie Reaves, Quala’s chief transformation officer, thought she’d have time to catch her breath after last year’s addition of PSC in the largest acquisition in the company’s history. But that was only a trial run for the much heavier lift to come—combining operations with Boasso Global under new private-equity ownership.
Many companies with good intentions use phrases such as “Safety is our top priority” on their website, in their safety policies, and even as decals on their equipment. Unfortunately, these broad statements and ideals open them up to exploitation by plaintiff attorneys.
Global supply chain visibility solutions enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer service, and help to build a competitive advantage, IntelliTrans product manager maintains.
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana—Another week of tank truck appreciation is in the books.
National Tank Truck Carriers launched its industry branding campaign and unveiled the new website—which aims to educate the public about the tank truck industry and drive employee prospects to member fleets and carriers—during 2023 Tank Truck Week here at the Indiana Convention Center.
For carriers, navigating regulatory compliance is like hacking through a jungle filled with twisting vines of code while being stalked by a leopard with citation claws. This is especially true for cargo tank fleets transporting volatile goods, where the rules for safe operation are even more obscure, but equally critical.
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana—Hendrickson’s newly launched outboard-mounted rotor option for the Maxx22T trailer air disc brake system enhances serviceability and safety by simplifying rotor swaps—and it’s currently available only for tank trailers, reports Adrey Schley, director of axles, wheel ends, and brakes.
This month's issue looks at how attorneys use safety against you, dives into how waste hauling and bulk container leasing are boosting business for Space City Services, and much more!