Latest Issue - Mar 13th, 2023
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Latest Issue

Family-owned bulk hauler built its brand hauling lube oils. Now, after 25 years in business, it's growing chemical services, with four new and upgraded terminals—and a fleet of new trucks and trailers
Xcel Bulk Logistics, backed by the Lilium Group and its sister companies, is making dirt-hauling ‘sexy’—and profitable
Tank truck specialist carrying more parts, taking on bigger repairs as fleets run equipment longer amid post-pandemic supply-chain disruptions
There are philosophical choices that have sparked some of the great debates of our time: Star Wars or Star Trek? Thin crust or deep dish? Yanni or Laurel?
Find tank truck repair shops that offer tank passivation, vapor recovery testing, tank liner inspection, tank degassing, pressure retesting & visual inspections.
This month's issue looks at the growth of Andrews Logistics, the rise of XBL, our annual Tank Repair Directory, and more!