Latest Issue - Dec 12th, 2022
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One of the most celebrated trophies in trucking toured the states this summer. Service Transport Company president Wade Harrison wanted everyone who helped the company capture its first Heil Trophy in National Tank Truck Carriers’ 2021 North American Safety Contest to share in the rewards.
From the time the management team at Lacy’s Express joined National Tank Truck Carriers in 1983, they were in the hunt for the association’s most prestigious safety award. They finally brought home their first Heil Trophy this year.
Solar Transport’s leaders see the sun setting on refined fuels.
Truck driver salaries in the U.S. are soaring across all segments, and tank truckers are reaping the rewards, collecting at least $10,000 more per year now than in 2021 in every category, including per-mile, per-hour, and percentage. Glen Parsons is spurring the same shift north of the border.
Cyberattacks are on the rise—and they’re not only IT’s problem anymore.
‘Bulk City’ edition of tank truck association’s longest-running event hosted more than 1,000 attendees during productive gathering