Latest Issue - Oct 13th, 2022
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Legend has it that a Cherokee Freight Lines driver was polishing his truck’s wheels while waiting to offload sugar at a Los Angeles ice cream plant in the mid-1970s when the company’s president walked up, complemented his ride, and said, “Have your boss call me.” He had vegetable oil to haul—and appreciated a shiny tractor.
Quala, North America’s largest tank wash operator, already was evolving into a provider of more comprehensive tank truck services. The company went from a handful of maintenance shops in 2018 to 22 last year. The May acquisition of PSC accelerated its “one-stop-shop” transformation.
Cameras are an indispensable element of an effective safety program in an increasingly litigious environment for truck fleets. So when Indiana-based Altom Transport learned its old hardware was approaching obsolescence due to this year’s ‘3G sunset,’ safety leaders moved fast to onboard new technology—and keep the cameras rolling.
Tank truck carriers hear all kinds of excuses for rate increases during the insurance renewal process. Think about the reasons—aka excuses—you’ve likely heard from brokers attempting to explain increasing premiums.It’s a “hardening market,” “nuclear verdicts” are the culprit, or new this year: “Blame inflation.”Sound familiar?Have you ever wondered...
Chemical transportation manager examines impact of organizational culture on retention, presents tips for improvement
Much time, thought, and effort are required to properly identify a solution that optimizes terminal operations
This month's issue features the Committed to Clean story of Cherokee Freight Lines, a look at the combination of Quala and PSC, and more!