BT Bulk Logistics Trends - Feb 21st, 2024
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February 21, 2024
Highway Transport is on the road to an expanded presence in the country’s chemical capital.
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Engineered Transportation International (EnTrans) and Drōv Technologies recently extended their partnership on Tank Ai, an intelligent tank system available on Heil Trailer, Polar Tank, and Jarco products.
Blue Ink Tech (BIT) recently added the BIT Dashcam to its fleet management platform.

For over 50 years the Ridewell Corporation has led the industry in the design and manufacturing of heavy duty truck and trailer suspensions. We own over 70 patents for exclusive features used by large manufacturers of trucks and trailers.

Citgo Petroleum Corporation and long-time marketer Folk Oil Company recently launched a pilot program for electric vehicle charging designed to meet the needs of EV drivers in Battle Creek, Michigan.
Clean Energy Fuels recently completed its newest renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Marshall County, Iowa. The Marshall Ridge Dairy project is expected to produce 1.7 million gallons of low carbon-intensity RNG annually, the company reported.
Final January Class 8 net orders, at 27,125 units, were up 45% year-over-year, according to ACT Research’s latest State of the Industry: NA Classes 5-8 report.
The North American Truck Writers, a panel of truck writers formed each year to select the winner of the Jim Winsor Technical Achievement Award, recently revealed the top three finalists. In the view of the panel’s 11 members, the three selected products are the best from a field of eight parts and components offered to the trucking industry in the ...
The Clarience Technologies group of companies continues to grow.
The week of Presidents Day, the national average for diesel prices was static at $4.109/gal., but U.S. gasoline prices increased 7 cents to $3.269/gal.