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MAC Trailer promoting healthy drivers during MATS

“MAC Trailer cares about over-the-road truck drivers and we know that staying healthy on the road can be a challenge for them,” according to MAC Trailer’s management team. “Because of our passion for healthy living as a company, we are proud to announce that we will be the trailer of choice to help sponsor the Walk a Mile America Foundation’s new 2015 program called “Truck Drivers”

For the first time Barry Pawelek, founder of the Walk a Mile Foundation reveals a personal part of his life as a retired truck driver at the Mid America Trucking Show. The Walk a Mile America Foundation develops truck driver health programs through experience and shows drivers that there is no difference between a driver’s health and the health of his truck and trailer.

Please visit this amazing truck and hear its story at the PKY Show Lot where it will be sitting atop a MAC platform trailer during MATS in Louisville KY March 26-28. MAC Trailer will be in attendance at the show at booth #32215 and hope our customers will attend this unveiling and join this Truck Driver’s Health Tour across America.

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