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Florida Rock & Tank Lines driver earns new pickup truck

Florida Rock & Tank Lines awarded Darren Buran, a 14-year Atlanta GA driver, with a new Chevy Silverado pickup truck as part of the tank truck carrier’s annual safety awards program. This is the tenth year in a row that a driver has received a pickup truck in the program.

In order for the pickup truck to be awarded each year the company first identifies an eligible pool of drivers. To be eligible, a driver must have been with the company for the entire year and completed the year without any preventable accidents or property damage. Additionally, the driver’s home terminal and the company must have met or exceeded its preventable accident frequency rate target for the year.

“We are proud to say, due to the outstanding safety performance of our employees, that we have been able to give this award to one of our deserving drivers every year since 2005," according to FR&TL company officials.

Florida Rock & Tank Lines is a southeastern US regional tank truck carrier operating as a subsidiary of Patriot Transportation Holding Inc, a publically traded company based in Jacksonville FL.

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