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GE Capital forms agreement with

GE Capital Fleet Services announced an agreement with, a national CNG fueling facility provider, to support the expansion of the CNG refueling infrastructure for light-duty fleet vehicles.

With interest rising in CNG as a lower-cost, low-emissions fuel for light-duty fleets, GE Capital Fleet Services’ agreement with VNG is aimed at connecting and incenting fleet owners to use CNG-fueled vehicles.

Through the agreement with VNG, GE Capital Fleet Services’ customers will be able to take advantage of the increasing accessibility of CNG fueling stations, minimize overall fuel costs, and meet financial and environmental objectives through use of a lower-cost, more stably priced, environmentally friendly, and domestically sourced fuel.

VNG offers the benefits of fast-fill CNG fueling within existing retail gasoline stations, eliminating the need for fleets to own and maintain their own refueling stations. GE Capital Fleet Services works with its customers to identify opportunities to use natural gas vehicles (NGVs) within their fleets, and will work with VNG to pinpoint where additional fueling infrastructure is needed. VNG uses the GE CNG In A Box system for faster, easier deployment of its CNG fueling stations.

VNG offers a nationwide CNG fueling solution to support and accelerate widespread use of light-duty NGVs by national and regional fleets, and eventually the mass-market consumer segment. It takes responsibility for the installation, maintenance, monitoring, and operation of its company-owned equipment, providing fleets with cost-effective, turnkey CNG fueling services within existing retail gasoline stations.

For more details, go to or call 610-709-5500.

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