Transloader For Sale

The portable screw conveyor that I have for sale was built

to load super sacks of dry bulk commodities into pneumatic

tank trailers. It can be towed with a 3/4 ton pickup to

any warehouse or loading area. I was going to use a forklift

to pick up the super sacks and drop them into the hopper

where the four bladed knife would cut the sacks open and

the material would then be conveyed into the trailer. It has

a 10-inch screw with a 25hp electric motor, 230/460volt,

1760 rpm with a gear reduction box. This is a self-contained

system that will be dust free once the plumbing and electrical

switch gear is installed. It also has a WAM Dust Collector

and a DCL Loading Tube that is raised and lowered

with an electric motor onto the loading hatch of the trailer.

The loading rate of material is 50 tons per hour! Call Brian

at 530-682-0292 for details.