Smart-Hose Break-Away Smart-Hose

Smart-Hose Technologies gains certificate of compliance from CSA International in Canada

Smart-Hose Technologies has earned a certificate of compliance from CSA International for the Smart-Hose Break-Away LPG hose assembly. The CSA Certificate will allow Smart-Hose Technologies the ability to market their Smart-Hose Break-Away LPG hose assemblies directly through distribution located through-out Canada.

"The hose assembly represents the weak link in any LPG transfer operation except when a pull-away incident occurs" said Tim Raftery, Smart-Hose Technology's vice-president of marketing. "During a pull-away incident a 2" textile braided LP-gas transfer hose assembly can experience 12,000 pounds of pull force before it fails. Under those circumstances the hose assembly may not be the weak-link and therefore, damage to the LPG facility piping can occur which could lead to an uncontrolled release of LPG."

The Smart-Hose Break-Away hose assembly works in conjunction with the Smart-Hose safety system,” Raftery says. Designed as a full flow break-away that requires no annual maintenance the Smart-Hose Break-Away is the only break-away in the Canadian LPG market that can protect LPG facilities from both catastrophic hose failure and pull-away incidents. Engineered as a passive safety device the Smart-Hose Break-Away hose assembly is the world's only proactive break-away technology.

The Smart-Hose Break-Away hose assembly is currently offered for 1 ¼", 2" and 3" LP-gas transfer applications. Smart-Hose assemblies meet the Canada B620 regulation for a passive emergency discharge control system for the loading/off-loading of LP-gas highway tanks or portable tanks.

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