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Yokohama will discount tires till diesel prices fall

Yokohama Tire Corp has launched the Fuel Price Buster program, which rolls back prices by at least 10% on its fuel-efficient Maintenance Saving Concept (MSC) commercial tires until diesel fuel prices drop below $1.50 per gallon on a national average.

MSC products include the RY637, which addresses irregular wear often experienced with steer axle tires. The RY587 incorporates a fuel-efficient rubber compound into the design of the tire that provides long wear and reduced rolling resistance. The TY527 is designed to maximize original tread life, durability, and retreadability, and to reduce rolling resistance.

Yokohama plans to run the Fuel Price Buster program from April 1 to June 30, 2003, and then will re-evaluate the program. National average diesel fuel prices used in the program are based on the Energy Information Administration's Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices report.

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