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TWIC rule for ports, marinas may affect fuel marketers

Any petroleum marketer who delivers or loads fuel at marinas or waterside terminals may be subject to an expected rule involving the Transportation and Worker Identity Card (TWIC), according to the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA).

The Department of Homeland Security is expected to soon publish the rule in the Federal Register. When the final rule goes into effect, maritime facilities will need to designate secure areas. People entering those areas will need a visual identity badge (TWIC) with a biometric identification. Without a TWIC, people cannot enter secure areas without a side-by-side escort. New hires will have limited access to secure areas for 30 days before attaining a TWIC, if they are accompanied by a TWIC holder.

PMAA said that in the rule, a maritime facility is defined as any structure or facility of any kind located in, on, under, or adjacent to any waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and used, operated, or maintained by a public or private entity, including any contiguous or adjoining property under common ownership or operation.

PMAA said it is important to note that the facility security plan will designate what is a secure area and who needs a TWIC card. In addition, the TWIC credentialing will be rolled out on a port-by-port basis over the next two years. The fee for a TWIC will be in the range of $95-$149. PMAA said it will be monitoring TWIC program implementation and will keep members updated.

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