Hose reel swivel can cut costs, downtime

With its Endura hose reel swivel, OPW Engineered Systems is helping the propane and liquid gas hauling industry save money and cut downtime.

The Endura's deep-groove, one-piece ball bearing assembly ensures smooth and easy 360° rotation. The one-piece assembly eliminates downtime involved with replacement of individual bearings, and it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

If seal replacement becomes necessary, Endura can be disassembled quickly and easily with the reel's simple three-piece design. The Endura uses standard seals that are readily available and seal replacement is simple.

The Endura hose reel swivel is:

  • Available in carbon and stainless steel.

  • Designed, constructed, and tested to meet the UL 567 Standard in the 1½" (38-mm) and 2" (50-mm) sizes.

  • Designed and manufactured to the requirements of ASME B31.3 code.

For more information, contact OPW, 2726 Henkle Dr, Lebanon OH 45036.

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