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Eaton to assist in hybrid truck incentive program

Eaton Corp, Cleveland OH, has established a program to assist diesel truck fleet owners in applying for $156 million in grants for diesel hybrid trucks that are available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Eaton said that under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) related Diesel Emission Reduction Act, funding is for up to 25 percent of the cost of a new hybrid truck. Fleets are able to purchase multiple trucks. However, an existing diesel truck has to be taken out of service for each new hybrid truck that is purchased.

The hybrid system is available on truck models from International, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner, Eaton said.

By combining the DERA funding with an IRS tax credit and the fuel and operating savings of a hybrid versus a conventional diesel truck, the cost of a new diesel hybrid truck could be about the same as a conventional new truck over a five-year period, according to the Eaton information.

The submission period for EPA regional applications begins March 17 and ends April 27. Grants are made to non-profit organizations that have jurisdiction over air quality for projects that reduce diesel emissions. The non-profit organizations submit the applications to the appropriate EPA regional office.

See more information about emission-related issues and the EPA regulations at 2010 Emissions, also on the Web site.

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