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Dry disconnect couplings facilitate transfer

Dry disconnect couplings from Dixon Valve & Coupling Co are specially designed for clean, efficient transfer of chemicals, solvents, fuels, and hazardous materials. These couplings, available in stainless steel, aluminum, or brass, allow for the easy connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines — all while eliminating accidental spillage and product loss.

Engineered to be user-friendly, each Dixon dry disconnect coupler features a built-in swivel that allows the operator to use a simple “push and turn” action to connect and start the flow of product. The valve will not open until the coupler and adapter are connected, thereby eliminating accidental flows. A similarly easy “turn and pull” action disconnects the coupler and stops product flow. With this design, accidental spillage is impossible.

Dixon's dry disconnect design options include ANSI 3156 stainless steel, brass, or aluminum housings; Hastelloy C276 internal parts; Teflon bushings; and Viton seals. Alternative seals and other design options are also provided. The couplings have a standard working pressure of 260 psi for aluminum and 360 psi for brass and stainless steel.

This line of dry disconnect couplings is featured in the company's Catalog #DPL105. For more information or to request a catalog, phone toll-free 800-355-1991.

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