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Circulation & Demographics

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Bulk Transporter serves the tank truck industry transporting petroleum products, chemicals, milk and other food products and other types of liquid and dry commodities which move in bulk form in tank motor vehicles. It has been in publication since 1937.

Fleet Size/Qualified Subscribers:*
500 or more vehicles=1,233
100 to 499 vehicles=2,136
25 to 99 vehicles=3,662
10 to 24 vehicles=3,351
5 to 9 vehicles=2,102
1 to 4 vehicles=2,079
Motor Vehicles not reported=437
Total Qualified Circulation: 15,000

Fleet Type by % of Total Qualified Subscribers:*
• For Hire carriers=34.6%
• Private carriers=20.9%
• Milk Haulers=2.2%
• Petroleum jobbers or distributors/Retail fuel dealers or distributors=14.1%
• LP Gas dealers or distributors=3.8%
• Leasing/Rental companies=1%
• Other fleets=8.4%
• Other business categories (Shippers, bulk terminal operators, tank container depots, railroads, tank repair and tank cleaning facilities & other related businesses)=15.1%

* Figures from the May 2012 Publisher's Statement.

For more information including geographical breakout of circulation and commodities transported, download the May 2012 Publisher's Circulation Statement (PDF) or contact your Bulk Transporter sales representative for the most recent statement.

The Publisher's Statement provides circulation statistics and profile information for Bulk Transporter. The data provided within is obtained via internal and third party sources, including Hallmark Data Systems.

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Advertising: Martine Ewing [email protected]

800-880-0368 • 713-523-8124 • Fax: 713-523-8384
PO Box 66010, Houston TX 77266

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Audience Demographics

Tank fleets transport products that fuel, feed, house and clean up the nation. Among the many liquid and dry bulk cargoes are:
Chemical products—Acids, fertilizers, caustic soda, inks, cement, plastic pellets, etc

Petroleum products—LPG, heating oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, lubricating oils, etc

Bulk Food products—Milk, flour, eggs, wine, honey, syrup, sugar, rum, salt, beer, vegetable oils, etc

Wastes—Industrial and chemical sludge and liquids requiring safe disposal.

Bulk Terminals & Storage Facilities
Many Bulk Transporter subscribers operate liquid or dry bulk storage facilities. These subscribers include independent terminal operators, chemical distributors, petroleum marketers, fuel oil distributors, and propane marketers. Facilities range in size from heating oil bulk plants with two or three storage tanks to multinational operators with storage capacity in the millions of barrels.

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