Volvo honors hybrid system engineers

Six engineers have been named winners of Volvo's 2009 Technology Award for their development of a commercially viable hybrid system for heavy vehicles. The award was presented by Leif Johansson, president and chief executive officer of Volvo, at the annual general meeting of AB Volvo.

Volvo's Technology Award this year recognizes the work to develop I-SAM (Integrated Starter Alternator Motor), a combined starter, generator, and drive motor in a parallel hybrid that, in addition to an electric motor, also has a small compact diesel engine. The combination can reduce fuel consumption for buses by up to 30%, for trucks by 20% and in a best case scenario, as much as 50% for wheel loaders.

Engineers from many parts of the Volvo Group have taken part in the development of I-SAM. Six of these engineers were represented at the prize ceremony. Volvo Powertrain was represented by Anders Kroon; Volvo Technology by Jerker Lennevi, Joakim Lindström, and Lars Carlhammar; Volvo Buses was represented by Peter Jönsson; and Volvo 3P was represented by Christer Ehn.

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