SelectCertified covers pre-owned trucks

SelecTrucks is introducing a pre-owned truck certification that will provide a comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process. The SelectCertified badge, applied to qualifying trucks, will give owner-operators and fleet managers the assurance that the used truck they're buying meets SelecTrucks' highest standards for quality and performance.

In addition to a standard 12-month/100,000-mile Select limited warranty, all SelectCertified trucks will include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason the owner is unsatisfied with the truck, SelecTrucks will exchange it for another truck within 30 days of purchase.

The SelectCertified certification process includes:

  • A 148-point inspection by factory-trained Freightliner technicians

  • All mechanical and cosmetic components that fail inspection are repaired or replaced to original OEM standards

  • The engine, transmission, and rear axle(s) fluids and filters are replaced

  • A Dyno is performed to ensure the vehicle's powertrain is performing within manufacturer-recommended tolerances

  • A federal DOT inspection and certification

  • A comprehensive five-step interior and exterior detailing including degreasing and painting of the frame/chassis, polishing of all aluminum/stainless components, cab buff and polish, and a complete interior detail

Contact or call 1-866-697-1825 for more information.

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