Revolution extends oil drain intervals

MagStar Technologies introduces Revolution centrifuge systems, a cost-efficient oil cleaning system ideal for extending oil drain intervals while reducing soot and other wear particles in modern diesel engines. Revolutions use a continuous flow of crankcase oil to attain a centrifugal force of more than 2,000 Gs, with no auxiliary power required.

These systems can remove solid contaminants down to 0.1 micron. Providing 50 times the efficiency and 20 times the dirt-holding capacity of traditional bypass filters, Revolution can double or even triple oil change intervals, saving oil and extending engine life while lowering maintenance costs.

The systems clean oil while the engine is in operation, collecting the minuscule contaminants produced and compacting them, turning the particles into solid cake for simple disposal. Once the oil is cleaned, Revolution returns it to the sump. The system easily installs by bolting directly to the frame rail design, allowing users to begin saving oil costs immediately.

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