Oilmen's launches third-generation DEF truck tank

Oilmen’s Tank Trucks Inc officials announced they are introducing their third-generation insulated truck tank for distributing diesel exhaust fluid. This latest design incorporates several years of experience and helpful feedback from customers.

Standard specs for the new unit include insulated stainless steel cargo tank, insulated and heated cabinet, insulated and heated piping, and protected pumping equipment. The 4,000 gallon DEF truck tank has the ability to self-load from a large bulk tank that is commonly used at a distributor’s facility, bulk plant, or rail tankcar. This feature was added in response to trends that are developing in the way DEF is being handled throughout the supply chain.

The newest generation truck tank has piping that allows the operator to bypass the hose reel for rapid metered deliveries. This is a nice feature in the event that the tank (or other vessel) on the receiving end of the delivery is (1) of a large capacity and (2) is located near the truck. Since the longer hose on the reel can reduce flow rates, the bypass feature enables the operator to complete the delivery in a shorter amount of time.

Customers have requested that ladders be mounted on the driver-side or curb-side of the truck. The standard personnel ladder is now mounted at the rear of the tank, but side mounts will be optional.

Many customers are seeing demand for DEF grow. In some cases the DEF delivery units are accumulating more hours of operation than traditional fuel and lubricant delivery equipment. Taking this into consideration Oilmen’s has improved the cabinet design for better accessibility to components for easier maintenance and prolonged equipment life.

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