International spotlights ProStar with MaxxForce 13-liter SCR engine

In the spotlight at Navistar International   Corporation’s exhibit during   the 2013 Mid-America Trucking   Show was its initial production build   of the ProStar truck equipped with   a MaxxForce 13 engine with SCR.   Vehicle deliveries began in April.

  “This signals yet another key milestone   in our operating plan and further   demonstrates our commitment   to delivering value for our customers,”   said Jack Allen, president North   America Truck and Parts, Navistar.

  “Our customers are the focal point   of everything we do, and this technology   was implemented with their   needs top-of-mind.”

  ProStar with MaxxForce 13 with   SCR offers fleets and drivers the efficient   power of a big bore engine with   lighter weight components to maximize   payload. Its design and compacted   graphite iron (CGI) block construction   make it one of the lightest   weight 13-liter engines in the industry.

  Horsepower options range from 365 to 475 with 1,250-1,700 lb-ft of   torque, and the engine delivers excellent   fuel economy and performance,   according to Navistar officials.

  The MaxxForce 13 features the   proven Cummins Emission Solutions   after-treatment system and includes   numerous improvements to the turbochargers,   EGR valves, high and   low temperature coolers and exhaust   bellows. The electronic control module   recalibration to the SCR system   will help the engine deliver more advanced   fuel economy and improved overall power and throttle response.

  With more than 70,000 vehicles on   the road, the ProStar with MaxxForce   13 combination has proven durability.   During the implementation of   SCR, the vehicles underwent rigorous   testing and validation, accumulating   nearly six million miles through a diverse   range of climates, altitudes and   conditions.

  The remaining lineup of International   heavy-duty truck models will   transition to SCR-based clean engine   technology in a phased launch   throughout the year.

  This announcement comes just   four months after the first ProStar   equipped with the Cummins ISX15   with SCR rolled off the production   line. Despite aggressive quality testing   requirements and a quick timetable,   the Cummins ISX15 hit all key   rollout dates ahead of schedule.

  More than 1,000 ProStars with   ISX15 units have been shipped to   date. Initial customer feedback has   been very positive, with many fleets   noting its superior power characteristics,   quiet ride and excellent fuel   economy.

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