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General rolls out three new truck tires at MATS

IN CELEBRATION of 100 years of innovation, experience, and reliability, General Tire launched three new highway truck tires at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The rollout included one tire each for the steer, drive, and trailer positions.

The General HS is a new longhaul steer tire featuring an enhanced tread design, fuel-efficient compounding, and an upgraded casing platform. The five rib tread pattern, including a straight groove bottom design, promotes even wear and high removal mileage. Additionally, the grooves feature pyramidal shaped stone ejectors to prevent stone retention and increase retreadability.

Upgraded compounding in the General HS leads to longer removal mileage while still delivering optimal fuel economy. The casing features an enhanced bead to belt package increasing overall durability for maximum retreadability. All of these components utilize proven technology and combine to deliver optimized long haulage performance.

The launch of the new General HS tire began in May with the release of the 295/75R22.5 (Load Range H) and will continue with the following sizes: 11R22.5 (Load Range H), 11R24.5 (Load Range H), and 285/75R24.5 (Load Range H).

The General HD longhaul drive tire features a deep 32/32nd closed shoulder tread design that offers high mileage and optimal fuel economy while also delivering excellent traction in demanding applications. The proven tread block geometry promotes stiffness in the footprint which reduces excess block movement leading to lower rolling resistance and improved fuel economy. The groove bottom ejection system reduces stone retention and casing penetration leading to higher retreadability.

The launch of the New General HD tire began in April with the 11R22.5 (Load Range G) and will continue with the following sizes: 295/75R22.5 (Load Range G), 11R24.5 (Load Range G), and 285/75R24.5 (Load Range G).

The General HT longhaul trailer tire delivers optimal removal mileage and flexibility through an improved tread pattern. The improved scuff rib protects the sidewalls from curbing and cutting therefore reducing damage to the tire and increasing retreadability. Additionally, this new tire has an innovative stone repellent tread pattern with patented groove technology that leads to minimum stone retention thereby extending casing life. Overall the robust solid shoulder General HT, will deliver the performance necessary and the flexibility needed for demanding applications.

The launch of the new General HT tire began in March with 295/75R22.5 (Load Range G) and will continue with the following sizes: 11R22.5 (Load Range G), 255/70R22.5 (Load Range H), 11R24.5 (Load Range G), and 285/75R24.5 (Load Range G).    ♦

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