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Accuride introduces new Quantum 99 aluminum alloy for wheels

Accuride introduced its new Quantum 99 aluminum alloy, the strongest, most advanced alloy for aluminum wheels in the commercial vehicle industry. Quantum 99 is 20% stronger than Accuride’s previous alloy, enabling the manufacturer to reduce the weight of its most popular standard lightweight aluminum wheel by 11% to an industry-best 40 pounds. 

Accuride President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Dauch announced the new alloy and wheel January 23 during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2017 in Las Vegas NV. 

“To help our customers achieve greater fuel economy and lower emissions, Accuride continues light-weighting our products while maintaining superior levels of safety and performance,” Dauch said. “As the latest step in our efforts, we’re excited to introduce our next-generation Quantum 99 alloy and 40-lb aluminum wheel. These demonstrate our commitment to offering the industry’s strongest, lightest, and most durable aluminum wheels. Quantum 99 will serve as the foundation of a new series of lightweight aluminum wheels from Accuride that provide superior fatigue life and durability to competing technology.”

Accuride’s engineers developed the proprietary next-generation Quantum 99 alloy to be 20% stronger than the company’s previous aluminum alloy. Its optimized microstructure enhances wheel performance, ensuring industry-leading strength and durability. 

​Accuride is launching Quantum 99 on its most popular aluminum wheel--the standard 22.5 x 8.25--to allow more customers to enjoy the benefits.  Thanks to its advanced metallurgy and engineering, the new wheel consistently achieves twice the fatigue life of the competing 40-lb aluminum wheel in rigorous laboratory testing. Its five-pound weight savings can trim 100 pounds off of a tractor-trailer rolling on all-aluminum wheels. That means higher payload, lower fuel consumption and increased profitability for fleets. 

Accuride’s new aluminum wheel--the 42644--will be available in the third quarter of 2017 and manufactured at its Erie PA and Monterrey, Mexico aluminum wheel plants. It is available for order with the same features, finishes, and dependability of the predecessor 41644. Additional wheels incorporating Quantum 99 will be added to the lineup later in 2017 and beyond.

Accuride continued its light-weighting effort with two new two- and five-hand-hole versions of its popular Accu-Lite 22.5 x 8.25 steel wheels. The new wheels are each three pounds lighter than the previous models and add a five-year warranty for its standard Steel Armor coating. 

The five hand hole version represents the industry’s first 65-lb steel wheel for commercial vehicles. Specifications for the new wheels include:

•    51487 wheel--Five hand hole wheel becomes the industry’s first 65-lb steel wheel by eliminating three pounds from the previous part number 50487.

•    51408 wheel--Two hand hole version eliminates three pounds from the prior 50408 wheel for a new weight of 67 pounds.

Accuride’s Steel Armor coating technology comes standard on both wheels, providing customers superior finish and corrosion-resistant performance, plus a new five-year warranty against corrosion. In addition, customers have the option of ordering these wheels with Accuride’s ground-breaking, proprietary EverSteel technology. 

This is the first time in the industry that long-life steel wheels offer a standard eight-year warranty against corrosion at a small premium. Both wheels will be available to customers in April 2017 and can be ordered in white, black, and gray.  Accuride will produce the wheels at its Henderson, Kentucky and Monterrey, Mexico wheel plants.

For more information go to www.accuridewheelendsolutions.com.

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