New ATA poll shows public support for federal infrastructure investment

A new national poll released during the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition held October 17-20 in Philadelphia PA found strong support for federal investment in highway infrastructure.

The poll, the second commissioned by the American Trucking Associations, was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies between August 30 and September 1 and surveyed 800 registered voters on their attitudes about politics, the trucking industry, and the state of infrastructure.

“The results of this poll should be taken very seriously by members of Congress as they work to complete a long-term highway bill,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “This poll tells us the American people now believe what we’ve been saying for some time: our roads and bridges are in need of repair and we need to raise revenue to do it.”

Among the poll’s findings were:

• Infrastructure spending is second only to education (by a 64-60 margin) the area the public thinks more money needs to be spent.

• The number of people who believe more needs to be spent on infrastructure has risen 12 points--from 48% in 2014 to 60% this year.

• Forty percent of the public thinks infrastructure should be a top priority for federal spending.

• Sixty-three percent of Americans believe our roads and bridges are not being properly maintained.

• And a majority of Americans-53%-believe it will be necessary to raise taxes to properly maintain roads and bridges.

• However, the public remains opposed to raising the fuel tax, raising income taxes, Interstate tolling, and adding registration fees to pay for needed maintenance, but when forced to choose--the public supports raising the fuel tax over tolling.

 “There is nothing more important to the trucking industry--and to the economy--than having good, safe roads and bridges,” said incoming ATA Chairman Pat Thomas, senior vice-president of state government affairs for UPS. “This poll should be yet another in a series of wake up calls for our elected leaders to take decisive action on a long-term, robustly funded highway bill.”

The poll’s results were released here at ATA’s Board of Directors meeting. A copy of the presentation can be found at .


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