Rubis Terminal doubles capacity at Rotterdam terminal

Rubis Terminal doubles capacity at Rotterdam terminal

Rubis Terminal is expanding its terminal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At the end of last year, the first piling was installed into the ground and after just finishing the civil works, 14 storage tanks will be set in place.

The storage tanks were delivered over water. Transporter Mammoet moved the 14 tanks from Antwerp and the north of Holland.

“An expansion in these times is a conscious decision,” says Paul van Herrewegen, general manager of Rubis Terminal. “It enables us to enhance our service to our (future) clients with a larger variety of tank sizes.”

Roland van Assche, manager, bulk and shipping for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, says: “It’s a great milestone for Rubis, as well as the port of Rotterdam. The ambitious plans of Rubis fit seamlessly into our strategy to remain Europe’s biggest chemical hub.”

The construction, located on a part of the adjacent former Evonik grounds, will be divided in several phases. The first phase consists of six tanks of 4,000m3, two tanks of 1,200 m3 and six tanks of 1,500 m3. These 14 (specialty) chemical tanks, which are a mix of stainless steel and mild steel tanks, have a total capacity of 35,400 m3.

The tanks can hold product moved by various modes of transport. Therefore, the facility expansion includes construction of additional rail trackage, additional tank truck loading stations, and the extension of the current jetty capacity.

The first phase will be completed in October 2016. The total expansion, which involves an investment of 120 million euros, consists of 45 tanks with a capacity of nearly 150,000 m3. It leads to a doubling of the total storage capacity of Rubis Terminal, which will ultimately entail 330,000 m3.

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