Turbines Inc's Model CDS 1000 flow meter designed for use in cryogenic applications

Turbines Inc offers its new Model CDS 1000 monitor and precision turbine flow meter for cryogenic applications. The monitor and turbine meter, which can be purchased separately or combined to form a complete delivery system, provide accuracy and reliability and can be shipped within five days.

The Model CDS 1000 accurately computes and displays actual flow parameters in real time in both digital and graphic form. The monitor comes with features including Bluetooth wireless printer interface, selectable engineering units (eg, gallons, liters, pounds, and M3), programmability via the front keypad, and continuous correction for product temperature changes. Other features include:

  • Real-time backlit display
  • 10 point linearization
  • Programmable pump control
  • Automatic maintenance reminders
  • Complete audit trail
  • System alarm log
  • RS-232 communication
  • Auto-save and restoration for power loss
  • Ease of installation and navigation
  • Field-programmable
  • Password protection

The complete delivery system offers options including a wireless printer, custom ticket setup, and oxygen cleaning of wetted parts.

Turbines Inc's new cryogenic turbine flow meters are stocked in 1½" and 2" sizes, enabling quick shipment. Each turbine meter includes the pickup coil and ±- 0.5% calibration. Up- and downstream transition piping is available, with easy connect fittings that mate directly to the meter.

The turbine meters are linear devices whose signal output frequency is proportional to the flow rate within the designed flow range. When introduced to flow, the turbine meter generates an AC sine wave signal within the pickup coil. This signal is amplified, divided, corrected, and displayed by the CDS 1000 monitor. This integration provides the user with a complete delivery system.

For pricing and other information, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected], phone 1-800-809-1387 or 864-882-4544, or fax 580-477-3071. Turbines Inc's website is at www.turbinesincorporated.com/.

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