Brenner, PSC team up for tank maintenance in West Memphis

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JUST five wash racks in the PSC Container Services Division have third-party maintenance shops. The company's new West Memphis, Arkansas, facility is one of the five, and it is the first one to partner with Brenner Tank Services LLC.

The new shop was inaugurated with an open house on February 17, and customers were invited to enjoy deep-fried fish and local barbeque. During the open house, the shop's newly obtained “R” stamp for code tank repairs was delivered.

Brenner already had a parts distribution presence in the Memphis area. Brenner managers say they welcomed the opportunity to share a location with PSC and offer a broader range of services, including cargo repairs, testing, and inspections. The shop also offers limited truck service.

“PSC and Brenner share many customers, and the decision to work together was the right thing to do,” says Rick A Peterson, president of Brenner Tank Services. “The businesses complement each other, and the two companies have a strong relationship.”

Greg Winters, PSC vice-president of sales, adds: “We were very pleased to work out an arrangement with Brenner. Certain markets are good for a tank maintenance offering at a wash rack, and this is one of them.”

Brenner moved its parts distribution operation from Memphis, Tennessee, to West Memphis in December 2009. The repair
shop was operational in January. In addition to parts sales and vehicle service, Brenner offers pickup and delivery from the new location. End of feature

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