TMC honors five with Silver Spark Plug

The American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council honored five industry professionals with its highest honor--the Silver Spark Plug--at its 2016 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville TN.

“Each year, TMC recognizes professional excellence in our industry with the Silver Spark Plug,” said Carl Kirk, ATA vice-president of maintenance, information technology & logistics and TMC executive director. “These five individuals represent the pinnacle of our field and we are proud to have them as members of TMC and to honor them with this award.”

This year’s honorees are:

Randy Tumbarello, maintenance director, Trimac Transportation, Gardena CA; Curtis Cummings, advisor for maintenance support, FedEx Freight, Harrison AR; Duane Lippincott, senior project manager, United Parcel Service, Atlanta GA; Alex Moultanovsky, vice-president, Automotive Climate Control, Elkhart IN; and Richard Winters, fleet manager, Verizon Fleet Operations, New Freedom VA.

“I congratulate these tremendous individuals for their efforts to keep our trucks, and America, moving,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “Their hard work, and the hard work of the millions of Americans employed in our industry, is an example for all of us.”

Tumbarello, a TMC member since 2011, has been active in S.3 Engine and S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Groups for several years, serving as first vice-chairman of S.3 from 2012-2014 and chairman since. He has overseen the development or update of numerous recommended practices and has chaired or moderated numerous technical sessions. He has chaired the LNG/CNG Task Force and led the development of an information report addressing the Specification, Deployment and Maintenance Considerations for Natural Gas Powered Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles. Additionally, he is a member of ATA Technical Advisory Group.

Cummings, a TMC member since 2001, has been active in the S.1 Electrical Study Group for many years, serving as S.1 Study Group Chairman from 2010 to the present. He has overseen the development or update of numerous recommended practices and has chaired or moderated numerous technical sessions during his tenure as chairman.

Lippincott, a TMC member since 2009, has been active in the S.11 Energy Conservation/Sustainability and Environmental Technology Study Group, serving as S.11 Study Group first vice chairman from 2011 to 2015. He has contributed to the development or update of several recommended practices and has chaired task forces such as the Future Energy Conservation Task Force, moderated technical sessions, and is actively involved with every task force within the study group.

Moultanovsky, a TMC member since 2006, has been active in the S.4 Cab & Controls Study Group, and currently chairs several task forces pertaining to the update of TMC’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning recommended practices for cabs and sleeper berths, and has made significant contributions to the development of TMC recommended practices for more than 15 years. He has also served as a liaison to the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Winters, a TMC member since 2005, has been active in the S.14 Light- & Medium-Duty Trucks and S.15 Specialty Trucks Study Groups and Corrosion Control Action Committee for many years, serving as S.14 chairman since 2009. He has overseen the development or update of numerous recommended practices in S.14/S.15 and oversaw the merger of the two study groups. He has chaired or moderated numerous technical sessions and chaired several task forces, including CCAC’s Hydraulic Brake Systems Corrosion Control and S.14 RP Updates.

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