First Class Services presidentCEO Randy Stroup and driver Joe Greenwell helped show off the new PneuMACvac selfloader with Michael A Conny MAC Trailer founder and Joe Maiorana executive vicepresident of MAC Trailer

First Class Services president/CEO Randy Stroup and driver Joe Greenwell helped show off the new PneuMACvac self-loader with Michael A Conny, MAC Trailer founder, and Joe Maiorana, executive vice-president of MAC Trailer.

MAC adds vacuum self-loader to PneuMACtic line

AFTER building a 15-year reputation in platforms, transfer and dump trailers, MAC Trailer launched a new line of aluminum pneumatic dry bulk trailers at last year's Mid-America Trucking Show. This year MAC Trailer added to that line with the PneuMACvac self-loader.

It is designed to pick up product directly from rail hopper tankcars at railroad transloading sidings. Designed with the enclosed struts and conicals as the original PneuMACtic, providing aerodynamics that have improved fuel economies, the all-new MAC Vac Tank (PneuMACvac), is available in multiple sizes and axle configurations. The PneuMACvac is available with the optional safety retractable handrail.

The PneuMACvac trailer on display at this year's MATS not only had the added piping and air filtering equipment fore and aft, it also featured a stunning paint job and shine usually not seen on road haulers. That aesthetic treatment is thanks to the fleet owner who already logged 50,000 miles and a couple of truck shows on the trailer before the appearance at MATS. And the 2007 Peterbilt tractor with the same classy paint job had 325,000 miles already logged. The owner, First Class Services Inc of Lewisport, Kentucky, has its own body shop and invests heavily in the company image and reputation. ♦

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