Diesel fuel’s price advances for third consecutive week

The national average price of diesel fuel posted its third straight weekly increase, gaining 0.7 cent to an average retail price of $3.073 per gallon, according to US Department of Energy information.

Diesel’s bump followed a 6.6-cent spike a week earlier and 4.9-cent jump two weeks ago. The three consecutive gains have lifted the price 12.2 cents in October 2010.

The most recent upturn was the fifth in six weeks for diesel, which is now 36.8 cents higher than the same week in 2009.

All US regions recorded moderate gains, except for the Gulf Coast, which dipped 0.3-cent to $2.979 and is the only region to have sub-$3 diesel fuel. The largest increase was in the Rocky Mountain area, up 2.7 cents to $3.112.

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